Full Service Home Care Can Take Care of Your Personal Affairs

Whether you have a long-term illness or are recovering from a recent hospitalisation, you don't have to worry that your personal affairs will go untended. Miracle Agency  can provide personal home care services that will take care of all of your personal needs, including your errands and affairs.

Our company strives to help you and your family handle the everyday tasks of life while dealing with a chronic condition or temporary medical condition. By creating a personal care plan, you can schedule a time for bill payments and collections, shopping, or entertainment, and we will handle it competently and professionally.

Bill Payments and Collections

A huge concern for many people who struggle with a chronic condition or who have to deal with a temporary hospitalisation is remembering to pay bills on time. We can work with you to set up a schedule to pay your bills for you, and to collect any pension or other monies owed to you each month. This way you can focus on recovering and not worry about sending out a bill to the postman.

If you handle your monetary personal affairs online, the staff at Miracle Agency Homecare will confidentially pay your online bills and ensure that you have the necessary receipts or records for your files. If you prefer to work with your care provider to pay your bills, they can sit with you to insure that all bills are paid correctly and that your banking balance is correct.

Shopping and Entertainment

Personal affairs aren't always about paying bills and doing mundane tasks. You may also desire to get out of the house to go shopping or for some entertainment. Whether it's food shopping or clothes shopping, the full service home care professional can either assist you on a shopping trip or you can create a list and the caregiver will pick up the items for you. Using a Miracle Agency Homecare professional to shop for you insures that you never miss buying a gift for a birthday or anniversary of family or friends. A caregiver can also accompany you to a movie, a restaurant, or any other entertainment venue.

The goal at Miracle Agency is to not only help you with your personal affairs but to help you maintain as much independence as possible. Health conditions can put a damper on things you want to do, but our caregivers strive to either handle tasks for you or assist you in doing them on your own.