A Miracle agency Homecare Professional Can Help You Manage Your Medication

At Miracle Agency, our professional staff is trained to work closely with your doctor to manage your medication and make sure that you have the medicines you need for health management.

Many people have to manage and organise a large number of daily or weekly medications. Used for a variety of reasons, medication helps to heal infections, manage blood pressure, or put your body into remission from an autoimmune disorder. In some cases, certain medications require that your doctor prescribe other medications to counteract side effects. You may find yourself trying to keep track of six medications or more, which can get confusing if you're also struggling with an illness.

Set Up a Medication Schedule

When you have numerous medications to take throughout the day, you may feel that you spend all day waiting to take the next pill. Our staff can work with you to set up a pill schedule that leaves you more independence in your day. When you try to manage numerous medications on your own, you may follow the directions on the bottle exactly. This can leave you counting down the hours to your next dose, or wondering if you've taken one pill to close to another pill.

The expertise of the nurses at Miracle Agency and our ability to work closely with your doctors helps us to create a medication schedule that provides you more freedom to enjoy your day. Your personal carer will know which medications can be taken together, which need to be taken with food, and which should be taken right before bed. Everything can be labelled and printed out for your reference. You won't have to worry about missing a dose or counting the hours down until the next dose.

Consistent Medication Monitoring

Sometimes when you deal with different doctors, you forget to mention medication changes. Your personal home care service can closely monitor your medicines to insure that there are no changes that could be detrimental to your health. This could include a new drug that won't interact well with another, or a nurse may notice that the dosage has changed. Your personal carer can also pick up your prescriptions and insure that there have been no mistakes made at the pharmacy.

Our goal is to make sure you understand the side effects and interactions of your medicines, when and how to take it, and to help you communicate effectively with your doctors. You can rest easy knowing that your medication is well managed and organised.