Let a Personal Care Professional Handle Your Housekeeping Duties

The goal of our housekeeping services isn't to take away the responsibilities that you used to have; it's to help relieve some of the stress of regular everyday tasks. Miracle Agency understands the need for independence and dignity, and we strive to help you maintain it in the privacy of your own home.

The best part of going home to recover from an illness or after a hospital stay is the freedom that you get to enjoy in your own home. Miracle Agency understands the important of being in your own home and maintaining the independence that you're used to, and that's why our company offers services to help you maintain that independence but still have help in the areas that you need.

Although it's great to be home, the housekeeping duties tend to pile up if not seen to on a regular basis. It can be difficult to maintain the same level of housekeeping that you did previously if you've recently been ill, are recovering from an illness, have a chronic condition, or are simply unable to get around easily. A personal home care service can help you with regular cleaning or daily errands.

Help with Daily Chores

If you need help with daily chores like making the beds, washing the dishes, sweeping the floors, or dusting tables, a personal carer can help with these chores. If you need 24-hour care, your personal carer will not only take care of your personal needs, but he or she will work hard to insure that all of the daily chores and errands are done. If you only need services occasionally, you can create a personal care plan that outlines the housekeeping duties that you need and on which days. This works perfectly for people who need help vacuuming, washing windows, mopping, or doing laundry once or twice a week.

Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing

While a 24-hour personal carer will be able to keep up with daily chores, you or your family may wish to have someone come in to deep clean the home and sanitize it. You may need this for health reasons or right before you come home from the hospital. You or your family can fill out a personal care plan outlining the housekeeping duties that you need. Our staff can clean all linens, scrub down bathrooms, vacuum, mop, and dust on an as-needed basis. If you need certain rooms cleaned with sanitizing sprays or scrubs, you can work with us to detail exactly what you need to insure the health of your or your family.